More About Me

Diana Congleton Licensed Real Estate Agent - How can I help?

I am a New Jersey real estate agent who works with home buyers and sellers After over 18 years in the construction industry, I took the steps that ignited my passion for real estate. My enthusiasm for helping others and my drive for finding solutions help me connect with clients and provide them with the best service possible. The only thing in life that can not be taken from you is your word. That is why to me that is my most valuable asset. I strive to maintain the best relationships possible. To be fair and honest is very important to me.

When I'm not assisting my real estate clients, I enjoy spending time with my four grandchildren, baking, hiking as well as taking care of my sister who has special needs. I like to describe myself as an old school girl with a modern twist. I have a business mind but I still believe in the handshake rules. Never been afraid to get my hands dirty. 56+ cousins on dad's side alone, so you had to do big things to be noticed. I love to be around people and action. Just throw me in the mix. If you need something done I'm your girl to make it happen. Stay tuned....